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What is Muay Thai ?

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Muay Thai has taken the martial arts world by storm over the last decade, becoming the de facto training for professional and amateur fighters alike.
Steeped in tradition, Muay Thai traces it's roots back over 700 years to Thailand. Long regarded as one of the most effective striking arts on the planet, Muay Thai is a full contact martial art, renowned as the art of eight limbs,referring to it's use of hands, elbows, knees, & legs in hand to hand combat. Forged through war, Muay Thai is now a symbol of strength, respect and the national sport of Thailand.


1.Do I have to be a fighter to train in Muay Thai?
Absolutely not, in fact most of our academy members never fight professionally. The reasons why they train are varied, many do it to learn a highly effective combat tested form of self-defense, others appreciate the art and traditions that still play a huge part of authentic Muay Thai training, while others train simply for the satisfaction earned by excelling at something few people can do.

2. Can you train me to be a professional fighter?
Absolutely! Whether you're looking to enter the professional or amateur ranks as a fighter, Vongphet Muay Thai Academy is definitely the place for you. Having trained the biggest names in the San Antonio MMA scene, along with being the only place in San Antonio to offer real, authentic Muay Thai instruction, you're definitely making the right choice in choosing us.

3. Why Should I Train In Muay Thai?
Whether you're looking to become a professional fighter or are simply tired of being out of shape and just want a fun way to be stronger, healthier, and look better than ever before, Muay Thai is for you.

4. Is Muay Thai hard to learn?
As a whole Muay Thai is considered relatively easy to learn but it can take years to master. With Muay Thai you get what you put in; the harder you train the faster your learn.

5. Do you offer private classes
We offer private classes to all of our students, please see the pricing section of our website for further details. 

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Muay Thai Benefits

Muay Thai's popularity has exploded all over the world the last few years, mainly due to the long list of benefits that come along with training. Here's just 10 reasons you should be training in Muay Thai.

Physical Benefits
1. Better Body: Muay Thai training boosts your bodie's metabolism which makes you burn off unwanted fats and gain muscle.

2. Enhanced flexibility. With regular training, your body will become more flexible and conditioned.

3. Enhanced mind and body coordination: Constant Muay Thai training allows your mind and body to connect instantly and effectively as you react to your sparring partner's attacks.

4. Increased mental alertness: Muay Thai is all about strategy so your mind will also be trained to think of new tactics to help you fight and defend yourself from your opponent.

5. Resistance to Illness: The demanding nature of Thai Boxing is very effective in boosting your immune system, making you less susceptible to diseases and other illnesses.

6. Increased strength and agility: Muay Thai training also creates a strong and agile body. Training in various movements, tactics and tricks of Muay Thai increases strength, speed and agility.

Mental Benefits
7. Courage: The rigorous nature of Thai Boxing fosters courage in its practitioners, instilling a strong sense of determination and self-confidence.

8. Discipline: In order to excel at Thai Boxing one must be dedicated. Consistent training, respect for your Kru (Teacher), respect for the art of Muay Thai and a health conscious lifestyle results in a very disciplined warrior in and out of the ring.

9. Increased mental alertness: Muay Thai is all about strategy so your mind will also be trained to think quicker as you search for new tactics to help you fight and defend yourself from your opponent.

Spiritual Benefits
10. Peace of Mind: The rigorous nature of Thai Boxing also promotes a variety of spiritual benefits that include things like calmness, peacefulness and acceptance. The constant strife encountered in training, sparring, and fighting typically creates a non-violent person in life who leads a peaceful existence.
Muay Thai

About Us

The issue that plagues most modern martial arts is how far removed their teachings are from their true source. There's definitely good places to learn and train but the ancient subtleties that made their art great was lost, resulting in a watered down version of their former glory.

At Vongphet Muay Thai Academy you're directly linked to the source. Master Kru Phet has been practicing Muay Thai for over 35 years and has been a professional trainer for over 20. Our Muay Thai instruction is the same as you'd find in any of the top Muay Thai camps in Thailand.

What's refreshing about our gym is the respect we carry for each other and our willingness to help make one another better. There are no egos or any unreasonable pressures placed on anyone; everyone is allowed to train at a pace they're comfortable with..

Vongphet Training Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Open 5pm-8:00pm 5pm-8:00pm 5pm-8:00pm 5pm-8:00pm 5pm-8:00pm Closed
Kids Class 5pm-6pm 5pm-6pm Closed
Entry MT 6pm-7pm 6pm-7pm 6pm-7pm 6pm-7pm 6pm-7pm Closed
Advance MT 7pm-8:00pm 7pm-8:00pm 7pm-8:00pm 7pm-8:00pm 7pm-8:00pm Closed


Adult Classes            $85/month
Kid Classes (8 +)            $70/month
Private Lessons            $50/hr

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